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SeniorNet Upper Hutt was founded in 1997 by 3 Upper Hutt men, Jim Grey, Graeme Osborne and Chris Thompson.  

Our first two meetings were at the Citizens Advice premises in King Street then we moved to a small hall in Bonnie Glen Crescent in Pine Avenue for 3 years until the council wanted it for a flat.  We then moved to the Central institute of Technology for 4 years until that place closed down. 

We were on the move again and we found a very large room in King Street where we stayed for 5 years and then we moved to our recent premises in Main Street where we have been for the last 9 years.

We have a steady membership of about 60 and we have many social get togethers in our rooms.  We are a very friendly bunch and we look forward to meeting with you one day.

Our Mission

SeniorNet Upper Hutt is dedicated to helping people to become better at using their computers and mobile devices.

We work with you, so you can learn the computer skills you need, and then use the knowledge you learn in your everyday life.   You will also then be able to assist others at our SeniorNet meetings.